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Our History

Echuca was founded by Henry Hopwood in 1853 when Henry introduced a punt crossing of the Murray River between what was then the separate English colonies of Victoria and New South Wales. By 1864 paddle steamers were plying the waters of the Murray river carrying wool, timber and other agricultural produce to the Port of Echuca. The construction of a railway from Echuca to Melbourne (the prosperous capital of the colony) enabled the transport of freight from the region to the city to be more efficient and led to the expansion of the port when in just one year (1872) 240 boats were cleared and the port was largest inland port in Australia. Eventually the river trade declined due to the expansion of the railways and more effective road transport leading to the dismantling of much of the port.

However today the historic port and town of Echuca is revitalized and offers visitors an opportunity to experience a working steam port complete with a fleet of operating paddle steamers. In addition to this the river and town of Echuca is a wonderful destination for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Come and enjoy our country hospitality!